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Venezia FC Home Jersey

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The Venezia Home Jersey's base reveals a printed trompe l’oeil Venetian wall texture, created from photographs of aged façades taken around the lagoon, making it uniquely derived from the city.

The textured black base is embellished with impressive gold elements, inspired by the city’s gilded churches, monuments, and palazzi, and the overall historical significance of gold in Venetian art and commerce going back to the Late Medieval and Early Renaissance periods. Most notably, the shirt features the gold stars of the iconic Basilica di San Marco arranged as a “V”.

Venezia’s orange and green come together in a flag positioned at the upper center chest and also accent the collar and sleeves of the home jersey for Venezia FC.

Made by Kappa. Kombat™ style with Hydro-Way Protection technology. 100% Polyester. Regular fit.