Jersey Care

When it comes to washing your favourite jersey, we strongly recommend that you please only wash them in cold water by hand. Like any delicate fabric with adornments, jerseys are not designed to be machine washed.

Jerseys have delicate materials such as Club logo's, embroidery and heat pressed customisations which will not withstand repeated machine washing.

The care instructions on the garment may state that the item is suitable for machine washing however this refers to the garment BEFORE it has had any additional customisation options applied such as heat pressed or printed sponsor logo's, patches, or name / number printing. This does not take into account any customisations that may be added later as these are not always added by the manufacturer.

Handwashing your jersey in cold water using a mild, gentle detergent will ensure your jersey remains in pristine condition for as long as possible and significantly reduce the chance of damaging any customisation. Once you have handwashed the jersey, we recommend leaving the jersey to dry flat in the shade.

Tips to ensure your jersey remains in pristine condition:

  • Separate jerseys from other laundry. It is recommended to hand wash jerseys separately from other items so zips or buttons won't pull or get caught on the jersey
  • Turn the jerseys inside out prior to hand washing to protect logos, names and embroidery
  • Use wash bags for extra protection
  • Use a gentle, mild, laundry detergent or liquid when hand washing your jersey and please avoid fabric softeners or any other laundry additives
  • Lay the jersey flat to dry in the shade ( just as you would any other garment made from delicate fabric)
  • Do not ever use a clothes dryer to dry your jersey.