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Grip Insoles - SpeedGrip by Storelli

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SpeedGrip Technology:
Proprietary patent-pending technology provides increased grip between foot and insole, eliminating slippage and wasted energy, for improved control and speed. The material is non-woven, meaning that it is created by applying massive amounts of heat and pressure the resulting structure even keeps its grip when wet.

Lightweight and Anti-Microbial:
The insole foundation is a special ultra-thin layer tuned to the ideal density: soft enough to provide comfort while being firm enough to transfer energy directly from your foot.
SpeedGrip Insoles have a perforated forefront for breathability and are enhanced with an anti-microbial treatment to block germs and odors.

Supportive Heel Tab:
Proprietary heel-shaped cup design provides the first-ever insole coverage around the heel, limiting vertical heel movement, slippage and providing extra stability, support and comfort. Option to remove the heel tab if that's your preference.